About Surgical Innovations


Surgical Innovations (SI) specialises in the design and manufacture of creative solutions for minimally invasive (‘keyhole’) surgery (MIS).


As well as manufacturing reusable and disposable medical devices for the laparoscopic surgery market, SI has pioneered its flagship Resposable® instrumentation combining both reusable and disposable components to deliver the high quality of a disposable device together with the cost-effectiveness of reusable, reducing cost per procedure by up to two thirds.
We pride ourselves on our British design and manufacture facilities where we create our own SI brand of products including YelloPort+plus™ Resposable® laparoscopic port access system, Logi™Range Resposable® laparoscopic instruments, Logic™ reusable instruments and PretzelFlex™ - the world’s first reusable pretzel-shaped organ and tissue retractor for use in MIS.
We have recently ventured into the cutting-edge 3mm surgery market with our own brand of ‘ultra’ minimally invasive medical devices including YelloPort+plus™ 3mm, Logi™Range 3mm and PretzelFlex™ 3mm. The 3mm diameter incisions associated with ‘ultra’ minimally invasive surgery significantly reduce post-operative pain and trauma for patients, promote faster healing and can negate the need for port site closure suturing at the end of procedures; saving the patient the discomfort of stitch removal.
Our award-winning technologies are also ideally suited for use in other areas of minimally invasive surgery. We are currently moving into the orthopaedic market, specifically hip arthroscopy, and our concept designers are working with leading orthopaedic surgeons to develop innovative solutions to improve safety, visualisation and access into the hip joint in this emerging market.
SI is also proud to work with other leading medical device companies on an OEM basis to design and manufacture medical devices bespoke to their needs, while retaining intellectual property rights. We have also transferred our technologies, which are designed to access small spaces with ultimate precision, into the industrial market. EndoFlex™ Industrial offers a customisable solution to a variety of industrial applications.
The company was formed in 1992 by Professor Mike McMahon, the UK’s foremost laparoscopic surgeon who designed the world’s first laparoscopic retractor Endoflex™ using segment technology enabling a flexible device to be turned into a predetermined, rigid shape. Since inception, SI has gained a global reputation for developing innovative solutions to clinical needs in the field of MIS.


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