Industrial Applications


What is Endoflex™ Industrial?


Surgical Innovation’s (SI’s) patented articulating segment technology is perfectly designed to deliver tools, devices, sensors and probes precisely and repeatedly to a given target zone in a variety of industrial applications.


Designed to minimise the need to disassemble complicated equipment and systems, the pioneering technology decreases ‘downtime’, saving you time and money. The device can be introduced in a straight, semi-rigid condition and then actuated into a rigid, pre-defined shape; allowing it to fit into tight spaces and around obstacles with the aim of accessing the inaccessible.

Gaining access to confined or hazardous spaces can be an expensive challenge. We understand this frustration and have created a valuable solution which is fully customisable to meet your needs.

Endoflex applications



How can Endoflex™ Industrial be used?


Within industry, there are many machines and systems which have confined spaces and in cases of malfunction, maintenance and inspection they often have to be taken apart.


Endoflex™ Industrial can be used in a variety of applications:

+ Probe deployment e.g. ultra-sonic, eddy current

+ Fluid delivery e.g. couplant, adhesives

+ Flexible drive e.g. grinding disks, tools

+ Guiding cameras through confined spaces for visual inspection

+ In conjunction with jaws for remote handling and manipulation


Endoflex applications



Born out of keyhole surgery


“Over 20 years' experience in designing and developing technology that works to a very high specification in challenging, confined spaces.”


From the operating room to industry, we have 20 years of experience in accessing confined spaces with ultimate precision. Our surgical devices are used in minimally invasive ('keyhole') surgery where they help surgeons gain access to specific areas of the body, through small incisions.

Surgical Innovations (SI) designed and manufactured PretzelFlex™, the world’s first pretzel-shaped organ and tissue retractor. The device’s unique shape provides impressive strength despite being deployed from a 5mm diameter. Patented SmartFlex™ technology uses an ‘advance and actuate’ technique to ensure that the device forms using minimal space inside the abdominal cavity.


Endoflex applications

Endoflex applications


Watch Endoflex™ Industrial in action: