Surgical Innovations (SI) prides itself on being a world-leading pioneer within the laparoscopic arena, delivering solutions direct to the operating theatre. With 20 years of experience, we have created a pioneering product line that is truly making a difference to surgeons’ and patients’ lives around the world.

Our three product lines - port access, instrumentation and retraction - have been designed by a team of expert engineers and designers, who are put through the same core skills training exercises as surgeons, allowing them to truly immerse themselves in the role of the end user. Once released into hospitals the design and manufacturing life cycle on all our products never ends, ensuring constant product improvement and excellence in quality.



Why Resposable®?

We understand that cost-saving is a key priority in hospitals around the globe. For this reason, our in-house team of designers have developed a solution which does not compromise on quality yet can reduce cost per procedure by two thirds.

Our portfolio, including YelloPort+plus™ port access system and Logi™Range Resposable® instruments, combines reusable and single-use elements, to provide an eco-friendly alternative to expensive throw-away devices.



3mm - 'Ultra' Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS)


Ultra Minimally InvasiveFollowing feedback from surgeons worldwide, we have pioneered a 3mm range of instrumentation for ultra MIS that significantly reduces post-operative pain and trauma for patients. Making smaller incisions promotes quicker healing and can negate the need for port site closure suturing at the end of procedures; saving the patient the discomfort of stitch removal. The 3mm range included within SI’ includes, PretzelFlex™ 3mm, Logi™Range 3mm and YelloPort+plus™ 3mm, which won the prestigious Queen’s Award for innovation in 2010.


Watch the video of Professor Mike McMahon discussing 3mm Instrumentation. 






Graham Bowland“Our innovative 3mm Resposable™ range is a ground-breaking alternative to standard laparoscopic devices as they offer improved cosmetic results using traditional laparoscopic surgical techniques.”

Graham Bowland, Chief Executive Officer



Marco Adamo“I regularly use Surgical Innovations range of 3mm instruments during my NHS procedures. Ultra MIS technology is revolutionising laparoscopic surgery making it even less invasive, with greater patient benefits. The new devices, although very small, are still strong allowing me to use them in many procedures, even bariatrics.”  

Marco Adamo, Consultant Laparoscopic Surgeon