Our History


Surgical Innovations (SI) was founded by renowned laparoscopic surgeon, Professor McMahon, and expert instrument engineer, Peter Moran, in 1992 when surgical experience and engineering expertise came together to address clinical need in the operating room. This collaboration of engineering and clinical expertise was the secret to success with the development of the Endoflex™ retractor.


Below are a few of our key milestones:


Endoflex Retractor


SI was founded by Professor McMahon and Peter Moran. Together the pair developed the pioneering Endoflex™ retractor

which soon became a world leader in the field of laparoscopic retraction.







SI original building

SI Report


1992 - 1998

SI traded from two small units manufacturing and distributing Endoflex™ and ‘Report’, SI’s first port access system.








Admitted to AIM following merger with Haemocell Plc, a company involved with blood transfusion products.
This year also saw the worldwide license agreement signed with Genzyme for Endoflex™ retractor.





1999 - 2000

Developed YelloPort™ port access system and Logic™ reusable.






Saw major changes to the Plc Group board of directors and business strategy as SI moved from using a direct sales force in the UK, to appointing a UK distributor and increased international presence.

As part of the change in strategy SI reassessed the product line and created the ‘Resposable®’ concept. Our Resposable® instruments combine both disposal and reusable components to deliver quality and cost-effectiveness to surgeon and procurement managers alike.





Launched Logi™Cut scissors at the European Association for Endoscopic Surgery exhibition (EAES) in Maastricht, The Netherlands. This helped further penetrate our Resposable® concept in an international market.





Following surgeon feedback, our design expanded our YelloPort™ range to include pencil point trocars. The trocar offered surgeons a less traumatic solution to traditional sharp trocars which could cause tissue damage.

Also this year, the first OEM agreement with a major medical device company was signed to sell Logi™Cut scissors across the US, marking the beginning of our US presence.




YelloPort™ single-use valve concept developed to ensure SI had continuous US revenue streams through the razor/razor blade model. For surgeons, the benefit of the disposable value was key, as it offered many clinical advantages. As all the other parts of the product were reusable it also offered a low cost solution for procurement managers around the world.





The launch of instrument range QuickCut™ expanded SI’s portfolio for those clinicians that favoured a fully disposable option.





SI signed its industrial agreement with a major automotive company collaboration who took advantage of the pioneering ‘flex’ technology used in Endoflex™. This marked the beginning of our innovative technology being used outside of the operating room.

Also this year our team of designers launched the full Quick™ range of disposable laparoscopic instrumentation.

YelloPort 5mm





After close collaboration with US surgeons, a simplified port access system was developed to meet US standards - YelloPort+plus™. The device had proved cost savings over single-use competition and received 80% clinical approval following a year-long US trial.





SI clinical advisory board2007

Establishment of master dealer in US called SI USA.

Successful fundraising of £4m following confidence in the SI story.

Launch of YelloPort+plus™ globally.

Establishment of Clinical Advisory Board (CAB) made up of key opinion leaders from across the laparoscopic surgery field. The CAB is fronted by SI founder Professor McMahon and was set up to facilitate communication between our design team and surgeons.





Moved into SI’s new 32,000 sq ft head office in Leeds to realise our philosophy of 'bringing manufacturing home to the UK'. This has involved substantial investment in machinery and manufacturing infrastructure and enabled us to triple our workforce to over 100 employees.




Ongoing collaboration with surgeons, universities and CAB to develop the next generation of medical devices.



SI receiving the Queens award



Awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation for YelloPort+plus™ port access system in recognition of its clinical and technical excellence.

SI’s instruments were used to carry out the first laparoscopic procedure on a reindeer at Edinburgh Zoo.







Right: Princess Royal visits SI. Far Right: Prime Minister David Cameron with Chairman of SI Doug Liversidge and MP Greg Mulholland.

Prime Minister, David Cameron, visited SI during his first week in office. The Princess Royal also enjoyed a tour of our facility to see first-hand how instruments are designed and manufactured in-house.

SI was recommended for RGF funding from the Department of Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) which has been earmarked for job creation, apprenticeships and a new, state-of-the-art, surgical training facility which will be housed on a new medical park where SI will be the cornerstone company.

Yelloport+plus 3mm

Launch of 3mm instrument range – 'ultra' minimally invasive devices for laparoscopic surgery.








PretzelFlex™ was released into the global market with CareFusion selling the device across the US through an OEM agreement.

Branched into new areas of minimally invasive surgery (MIS) including hip arthroscopy.








True to our roots, we continue this collaboration of engineering and clinical expertise to develop innovative technologies for surgeons around the world.