Surgical Innovations (SI) specialises in the design and manufacture of creative solutions for use in minimally invasive surgery (MIS).


Founded by leading laparoscopic surgeon, Professor McMahon over 20 years ago, SI is a pioneer in the laparoscopic field of surgery and is now looking to transfer our technologies to other areas of the body.

Our laparoscopic products fall within three categories: port access, instrumentation and retraction. Use the table above to find the product you are looking for, whether your preference be Resposable®, Reusable or Disposable.

Yelloport+plus 5mm


Resposable® Concept

We understand that cost saving is a key priority in hospitals around the globe. For this reason, our in-house team of designers have developed a Resposable® concept which does not compromise on quality yet can reduce cost per procedure by up to two thirds.




Pretzelflex 3mm3mm - ‘Ultra’ Minimally Invasive Surgery

We are focused on achieving the best results for patients and have developed a range of ‘ultra’ minimally invasive surgical devices which are only 3mm in diameter. The 3mm range significantly reduces post-operative pain and trauma for patients.

Making smaller incisions promotes quicker healing and can negate the need for port site closure suturing at the end of procedures; saving the patient the discomfort of stitch removal.

The 3mm range included within SI’s portfolio includes, PretzelFlex™ 3mm, Logi™Range 3mm and YelloPort+plus™ 3mm, which won the prestigious Queen’s Award for Innovation in 2010.