YelloPort+plus™ Resposable® Laparoscopic Port Access System


YelloPort+plus™ is a Resposable® laparoscopic port access system designed for use in minimally invasive surgery.


The Resposable® YelloPort+plus™ combines reusable and disposable elements to deliver the cost-effectiveness of a reusable instrument with the high quality of a disposable device.

The YelloPort+plus™ range won the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise under the Innovation category in 2010.



Key Strengths of YelloPort+Plus™


  • Resposable® - reusable cannulae and obturators, and disposable sterile, pre-lubricated valves
  • Selection of cannula and obturator sizes available including 3mm, 5mm, 10mm, 12mm and 16mm
  • Choice of cannula fittings: luer, non-luer or stopcock, and either threaded or micro-friction finish
  • Range of obturator options: pyramidal, pencil point, blunt, shielded, locking shielded and locking+plus shielded
  • Pencil point obturator is truly bladeless option; dilating tissue instead of cutting, reducing post-operative pain
  • Micro-thread friction-finish cannulae to provide enhanced cavity wall retention
  • Reduced leaking through use of fresh valve every time
  • Easy to clean and fully autoclavable to 134°C
  • Perfect complement to Logi™Range Resposable® instruments









Optical Trocar


“I have found YelloPort+plus™ 3mm ports extremely good, especially for use in laparoscopic hernia repairs. In my opinion, they are as good as the conventional 5mm instruments, just smaller. The fact that they are smaller means they require smaller incisions and the surgical dissection is more precise.”


Marco Adamo, Consultant Surgeon



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