About Surgical Innovations

Making Sustainable Surgery Accessible To Everyone

Our mission is to become a leading provider of sustainable, high-performing surgical instrumentation.

We partner with healthcare professionals to provide sustainable solutions which reduce the environmental footprint generated by surgery, without compromise to patient outcomes.


Innovation, it’s in our DNA.

For over 30 years we have been at the forefront of Minimally Invasive Surgery.

Founded by a pioneering Laparoscopic Surgeon, Professor Mike McMahon and innovative engineer Pete Moran, our organisation was formed to advance MIS surgery.

As we embark on the next chapter of our journey, we will continue to be innovative yet socially responsible, sharing the expertise we have become synonymous for, whilst continuing to advance the healthcare industry we proudly serve.

30 Years Surgical Innovation Video

Our Culture & Values

Underpinning all we do are our core business values.

As a customer-centric organisation, collaborating with our partners, we are transforming surgery together.

Our employees are the heart of what we do. We are personablepassionate, and accountable. 

We drive our mission, culture and values through our daily activities, inspired by knowing what we do advances the quality of life for people globally.

Our business eco-system is one of constructive dialogue, sharing of wisdom and expertise and through that innovation is born.

We constantly challenge the status quo, delivering evidence based tangible solutions, that healthcare professionals can trust.

Clear in our moral compass, all of this is underpinned by a culture of growth, mutual trust and inclusivity for all employees, partners, clients, and stakeholders.