A sustainable staple of Minimally Invasive Surgery

Part of our innovative Resposable® technology portfolio, LogiCut™ is acclaimed for precise dissection and excellent tactile feedback in every cut.

The hybrid design reduces plastic waste and the carbon footprint generated from single use equivalents by up to 67%¹.

Adopting Resposable® Laparoscopic Scissors could also save up to 17%¹ per procedure.



The Value Of LogiCut™


Blade Lengths, In 10mm & 16mm
Sizes Respectively


Range Of Working Lengths, With 240mm, 320mm & 450mm Sizes Available

Cross Compatible

Handles Available In Traditional Pistol Grip & Horizontal Designs

Clinical Waste Reduction

Generated Per Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy By Up To 85%¹

Cost Effective

Save Up To 17%¹ Versus A Fully Single Use Alternative

Carbon Footprint Reduction

By Up To 67%¹ Versus A Fully Single Use Alternative

Product Literature

Download a copy of the product literature to find out more on the comprehensive LogiCut™ range.

Independent Published Paper

¹Independently published paper demonstrating the environmental impact and life cycle financial cost analysis of hybrid instruments versus single-use equivalents in Laparoscopic Cholecystectomies.