Calibration tubing for gastric pouch sizing during Sleeve Gastrectomy & Mini Gastric Bypass/One-Anastomosis Gastric Bypass, or revision surgery for these procedures.

LogiTube™ incorporates cm markings to allow for precise placement as communicated between the Surgeon and the Anaesthetist.

Six holes are provided distally, as well as a soft, radiopaque tip with a distal suction hole, to prevent vacuum damage to the wall of the stomach.

Proximally, LogiTube™ offers universal connection with various types of syringe for administration of fluid for leak testing, and connection to hospital suction equipment for aspiration of stomach contents or removal of residual fluid after leak testing.

Fingertip control of suction is provided as well as a slide clamp at the proximal end to close the tubing and prevent backflow of fluid during leak testing.

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LogiTube™ Introduction

The Value Of LogiTube™

Comprehensive Range

Comprehensive Range Available In 34, 36, 38, and 40 Fr/Ch

Quality Silicone

Medical Grade Silicone, Flexible But Kink Resistant

Incremental Markings

Incremental CM Marking Throughout Enables Precise Placement

Universal Connectivity

Universal Proximal Connectivity Accepts Variety Of Syringes & Hospital Suction

Suction Irrigation

Distal Suction Holes Including Soft Tip Facilitates Atraumatic Aspiration

Cost Effective

Save Up To 19%¹ Per Procedure