OEM Product Solutions

Surgical Innovations partner with several leading international medical device businesses offering OEM product solutions, from initial design and development, to ongoing in-house manufacture.

Work with our in-house product design team to design and develop your product. With full access to their high-level of expertise in idea generation, sketching, styling, CAD modelling, prototyping, product management, testing, device cost estimation and technical documentation – and more! Our experienced Manufacturing and Quality Assurance teams will get involved, where needed, to ensure that all areas are taken care of.


OEM Case Studies

Surgical Innovations work with a client to produce a device that can accurately deliver individual drops of adhesive internally within the body, giving the surgeon precision and control. The accurate, laparoscopic application of adhesives to attach hernia meshes is expected to reduce surgical complications, in particular the potential pain associated with the use of tackers and stapling devices, thereby improving the patient experience and reducing healthcare costs overall.

This development is further testament to the innovative talent and ability within the SI design team. Once again SI has demonstrated its core competency of developing laparoscopic instrumentation to meet the clinical need. SI remains committed to providing our partner with the required clinical support to ensure the successful adoption of their product.

For more information on our OEM activities, please contact: si@surginno.co.uk