Leading the Evolution in the field of Port Access Systems

Our innovative hybrid technology is designed to reduce the carbon footprint and plastic waste generated from Port Access Systems.

Synonymous for performance and quality, adopting YelloPort Elite™ as a Surgeon doesn’t mean a compromise has to be made to deliver surgery which is more sustainable.

Adopting our Resposable® Port Access Systems could also save up to 42%¹ per Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy.

YelloPort EliteTM Introduction

Product Literature

Download a copy of the product literature to find out more on the comprehensive YelloPort Elite™ range.

Independent Published Papers

¹Independently published paper demonstrating the environmental impact and life cycle financial cost analysis of hybrid instruments versus single-use equivalents in Laparoscopic Cholecystectomies.

2Independently published paper demonstrating the carbon footprint of products used in five common surgical operations: identifying contributing products and processes.

Environmental & Financial Calculator

Explore the impact Resposable® Port Access Systems could have on your Minimally Invasive Surgery service by completing our indicative Calculator.

5mm Optical Trocar

As clinical techniques continue to evolve; our latest innovation allows Clinicians to achieve smaller surgical incisions and fascia defects in the first entry Port area.