The pioneer in Resposable® Port Access Systems

At the forefront of sustainable Port Access System innovation for over 20 years.

YelloPort+ is built on the same principles of our latest technological advancement, YelloPort Elite™.

Renowned for performance and qualityCompromise isn’t required to reduce the environmental footprint generated from healthcare provision.

Adopting our Resposable® Port Access Systems could also save up to 42%¹ per Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy.


The Value Of YelloPort+™

Selection of Sizes

Available In 3mm & 5mm Sizes


Exchange & Manipulation Of Instrumentation Whilst Maintaining Pneumoperitoneum

Lightweight & Durable

Port Through Its Polymer Composition

Improved Cosmetic

Outcomes For Patients With Smaller Surgical Incisions

Cost Effective

Save Up To 42%¹ Per Procedure Versus A Fully Single Use Port



Reduce Clinical Waste

Generated Per Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy By Up To 85%¹